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Just ask Smitten Merino

Smitten Merino found out organically that a major part of getting their Tasmanian-made super-fine merino fashion and performance clothing to their customers was directly, through their website. Getbusi has been working alongside Smitten day-to-day to evolve their E-Commerce solution for over 5 years, seeing sales grow ten-fold.

Over that time we've been able to move with changes in technology: optimising for search engines, photography touch-ups, analysing customer behaviour, email marketing, implementing new solutions by bolstering the website's technology platform and, most recently, shifting the entire site over to a mobile-responsive design.

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Sydney Eye
Hospital Fdn.

Getbusi has been involved in a number of projects with the Sydney Eye Hospital and associated organisations, including the Sydney Eye Hospital and the NSW Health Department. As a result, we have developed the Pharmacopoeia app ( iOS and Android) and the Eye Manual app ( iOS and Android) and provided the support web applications and support websites to manage the app data.

Getbusi is also commencing work on an Eye Examination app with the Save Sight Institute.

Inland Fisheries, TAS

Developed in conjunction with Tasmania's Inland Fisheries Services, Infish is IFS endorsed and has all the latest angler information. The app includes up to date regulations, news, high resolution angler access maps and licence information.

Infish covers over 150 inland water bodies, providing invaluable information to even the most experienced angler. You can search for your nearest fishing spots using your current location or by selecting a map location.

You also get stocking details and how to get to each location.

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