Web filtering is a necessity for most organisations.
But it doesn’t have to be a bummer.

9/11/2015 · Version 5.3.0 released with HTTPS Splicing and more — view the release notes

Easy to manage. Hard to beat.

LiveStream 5 takes enterprise-grade proxy technology and puts all of the best features behind an obvious, web-based admin interface. No computer science degree required.

All the deployment options

With explicit and intercepting proxy services working in tandem, and enabled by default, in-house and BYO devices can be filtered without your users having to worry about configuring anything manually.

Safety first

Enforce safe web searching for all major search engines. Implement YouTube for Schools for student users.

Keep up with your users

System status alerts, email notifications and clear, non-technical explanations of every aspect. If there is ever a problem, you will know how to fix it.

Instant website classification

Industrious users accessing new, as-yet unclassified websites? No problem. Once a previously-unknown URL is accessed it is automatically analysed and assigned appropriate categories based on its content.

Easy on your ISP, and your budget

Caching of files large and small improves browsing performance and saves on data usage costs. Quota, credit and bandwidth restrictions can make sure every user gets their fair share.

Local, expert technical support

Our Hobart-based team has years of experience with web technologies and system administration. Drop us a line and we will make sure your system is doing the best it can for your organisation.

“The exception that proves the rule”

Time-based policies. Bypass certain features for certain content. Unmetered websites. One-size doesn’t always fit every user or every application. LiveStream provides the flexibility to find the right balance.

Need more from LiveStream?
Add Premium Reports powered by Netfox

Get an overview of your entire organisation's web browsing. And then drill down to get the whole story.

Dynamically search for users and websites.

Interactive graphs with dynamic data generation.

Scheduling tools for regular emailed reports.

Web filtering you expect