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Transparency = Responsibility

Getbusi is always looking at new ideas in Internet management to help stem productivity loss when staff or students use the Internet for time-wasting or illegal activities (either accidentally or deliberately). We try and walk in the shoes of both the users and the administrators, to see how we can best balance these sometimes competing needs.

Productivity loss works both ways. Internet users know the frustration of being denied access to a valid website. LiveStream works to solve this problem with intelligent filtering, and now with the new Premium Reports add-on. LiveStream customers can activate access to this interface which gives you interactive reports, graphs and scheduled reports so you don’t have to manually check in to stay abreast of issues.

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Gone Fishing!

There's fishing under this rock

As the 2014–15 fishing season comes to a close it's a good time to reflect on the work we've put into the Infish app over the past few years. As a keen angler it's been a pleasure working with the Inland Fisheries Service on the development of this app. With the user base heading into the thousands, the take up by anglers has been pleasing. We hear a lot of talk about big data these days but it can be worth remembering that even small data can become overwhelming.

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