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Droid's Big Move

We have recently moved the School Days Android App project from the now unsupported Eclipse environment to Android Studio. While the biggest changes are behind the scenes, the flow-on effects will be felt by all our users.

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New Age School Communication Tools — which one should your school use?

Newspapers and newsletters are a dying breed. Well, in the sense of the physical pieces of paper you and I grew up with. These days, you’ll find most people with heads down and thumbs flicking away on those handy little devices we call smartphones.

So let’s assume and even accept that smartphones are here to stay and well, everyone has one or will get one in the not too distant future. As a school, how can you communicate with your parents and whole school community leveraging this trend?

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Introducing School Days

It's an exciting day for us today, because we've added a brand new tool to our education toolbox: School Days.

School Days started from a simple idea: "wouldn't it be great if schools could just send notifications to their community's smart phones". No more paper slips to get smushed at the bottom of backpacks or emails to get lost in a sea of spam. Just short, simple notifications throughout the week. Turns out we weren't alone; before we could say "prototype" some local schools were already on board.

School Days for iOS

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