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Droid's Big Move

We have recently moved the School Days Android App project from the now unsupported Eclipse environment to Android Studio. While the biggest changes are behind the scenes, the flow-on effects will be felt by all our users.

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New in LiveStream: HTTPS Splicing

We released LiveStream 5.3.0 last week and the full release notes are over on the Knowledge Base. But there’s one important change we wanted to highlight in detail.

The proxy technology we use has improved so we can now transparently filter HTTPS traffic without the client installing any certificates. This new method is called Splicing. While this simplifies on-boarding for your users, it has one notable disadvantage, albeit one we’re used to from explicit proxies:

The proxy can only parse the domain name — the URLs clients request stay encrypted.

This can be a problem for schools as sites like are now encrypted. Unless the proxy decrypts and inspects the HTTPS traffic, it can’t know which specific articles are being accessed.

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Welcome to Getbusi 2015

Computers and mobiles on the internet; it's how we work today. Yet the digital revolution has turned out to be more of a digital evolution. The fundamental needs of business and education haven’t changed, but the place of digital technology alongside the traditional tools of the trade is often taken for granted.

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Introducing School Days

It's an exciting day for us today, because we've added a brand new tool to our education toolbox: School Days.

School Days started from a simple idea: "wouldn't it be great if schools could just send notifications to their community's smart phones". No more paper slips to get smushed at the bottom of backpacks or emails to get lost in a sea of spam. Just short, simple notifications throughout the week. Turns out we weren't alone; before we could say "prototype" some local schools were already on board.

School Days for iOS

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LiveStream 5.2.0 released!

LiveStream 5.2.0 just went live on the update repo with three new features and a handful of fixes and improvements. The full release notes are over at the Knowledge Base, I just want to take a moment to highlight the shiny new things.

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