Samsung Shaped Spanner

Android devices come in many shapes, sizes and price points from many different manufacturers, for the most part Google have created an Android development environment that handles this well but every now and then a spanner falls into the works.

The One

We recently rolled out an Android build of School Days to a new school, everything was going well, users were coming onboard thick and fast, until we got word of one user who couldn’t launch the app. Instead, it would crash the instant they tapped the icon. But why? No one else had this problem.

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New Age School Communication Tools — which one should your school use?

Newspapers and newsletters are a dying breed. Well, in the sense of the physical pieces of paper you and I grew up with. These days, you’ll find most people with heads down and thumbs flicking away on those handy little devices we call smartphones.

So let’s assume and even accept that smartphones are here to stay and well, everyone has one or will get one in the not too distant future. As a school, how can you communicate with your parents and whole school community leveraging this trend?

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Gone Fishing!

There's fishing under this rock

As the 2014–15 fishing season comes to a close it's a good time to reflect on the work we've put into the Infish app over the past few years. As a keen angler it's been a pleasure working with the Inland Fisheries Service on the development of this app. With the user base heading into the thousands, the take up by anglers has been pleasing. We hear a lot of talk about big data these days but it can be worth remembering that even small data can become overwhelming.

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Google Analytics Ecommerce + Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst is our CMS of choice for website projects. Its built in reporting is pretty great, but augmenting those with Google Analytics has its own advantages:

  • Goal Flow and Funnel Visualization
  • Remarketing
  • Third party campaign tracking

This is a technical guide on doing just that. It also includes some code using the new liquid template tags.

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Welcome to Getbusi 2015

Computers and mobiles on the internet; it's how we work today. Yet the digital revolution has turned out to be more of a digital evolution. The fundamental needs of business and education haven’t changed, but the place of digital technology alongside the traditional tools of the trade is often taken for granted.

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